Digital Gastronomy from Amit Zoran on Vimeo.

Digital Gastronomy from Amit Zoran on Vimeo.

Digital Gastronomy is a culinary vision were traditional cooking is infused with new computetional abilities (rather than replacing the chef with an autonomous machine).

We deploy existing digital fabrication instruments in traditional kitchens and integrate them into cooking via hybrid recipes. Our hybrid recipes merge manual and digital procedures, and import parametric design tools into cooking, allowing the cook to personalize the tastes, flavors, structures and aesthetics of dishes.

Below we present our hybrid kitchen and the new cooking methodology, illustrated by detailed recipes with degrees of freedom that can be set digitally prior to cooking.


Methods & Recipes for Hybrid Cooking

For technical details, please check our papers:

Mizrah, Moran, Amos Golan, Arial Bezaleli Mizrahi, Rotem Gruber, Alexander “Zoonder” Lachnish and Amit Zoran. 2016. “Digital Gastronomy: Methods & Recipes for Hybrid Cooking.” The 29th annual ACM symposium on User interface software and technology (UIST '16). ACM, New York, NY, USA. PDF

Zoran, Amit and Marcelo Coelho. 2011. “Cornucopia: The Concept of Digital Gastronomy.” Leonardo, Journal of Arts, Sciences and Technology, MIT Press, volume 44, issue 5, October 2011, pages 425–431. PDF

Hybrid Recipes

Butterfly Garden (desert) Link

Coral Reef Soup Link

Filled Sweet-Potato Link